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    Great Futures Club

    Thank you for making an monthly donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach.  You can cancel your donation anytime by calling 562-595-5945 x 229.  Your support is crucial for us to provide exceptional service to the kids we serve.

     Thank you for supporting the Great Future Club.  Your contribution will be billed monthly and allow the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach to work with more kids in our community.  Thank you and we can't do it without you!

    Where your monthly donation goes:

    $10/month: An after school snack for a youth for a month

    $15/month: Sports leaue play and recognition medal for participation for a youth

    $25/month: A tutor for a "POWER HOUR" homework time for 10 youth so we can help youth graduate on time!

    $50/month: Field Trip for 5 youth a month for educational trips, college tours or fun trips to say "thank you" for older youth members helping younger youth at their Club!


  • donated 2016-12-27 11:06:10 -0800

    Holiday Giving


    As the season for holiday gatherings approaches, think of happy childhood memories when you gathered with loving family members — times filled with caring, advice and support.

    That's the feeling children get at Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach. It's just like having a second "home" with extended family. And you can make that possible with your gift today.

    Thanks to you, these children will know they're valued.

    Plus, they'll get the benefit of being in a place of safety with:

    • A healthy snack to lift their spirits and help them learn.
    • A game of basketball. Or a dance, art or cooking class.
    • Plus tutoring, mentoring and more!


  • started a monthly donation 2017-04-19 12:08:51 -0700

    Support Kids in Long Beach

    Thank you for making a donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Long Beach - your tax deductible donation goes a long way in serving our community's most vulnerable kids.

    Where your donation goes:

    $100/annual: Provides school year homework and art supplies for a member

    $250/annual: Underwrites the cost of a college tour for 50 youth

    $500/annual: Supports the true cost of providing a years' worth of program for a youth member